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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 16 July, 2017.

Compac 2,000Kg Heavy Duty Trolley Jack.

Model CJ2T-C
Manufacturer COMPAC
Price:   $860.00

 Compac 2,000Kg Heavy Guty Trolley Jack.

The Compac CJ 2T-C 2,000Kg  standard trolley jack has evolved from the original design of trolley jacks first designed by the founders of Compac in 1946. Because of it's short chassis this model is perfect for mechanical workshops, tyre shops and mobile mechanics alike .

The CJ 2T-C has a minimum height of 80mm a maximum height of 500mm a chassis length of 730mm and weighs 35Kg, the chassis and lifting arm are fully welded and the hydraulics are fitted with an overload valve to prevent the jack from being used beyond it's rated capacity.

 To prevent accidental lowering the release system is designed so that  the operator must lift the handle and then turn it to lower the lifting arm. Because the lowering system does not use gear wheels or uni joints it is trouble free and is able to work at any angle that the handle is at, giving to operator complete control over lowering the jack.

A valve is also fitted to the jack that slows the rate of descent of the lifting arm when there is a vehicle on the saddle, this system ensures that the load will not come down at an uncontrollable rate.The jack is fitted with a footpedal for raising the lifting arm quickly to the pickup point when working on vehicles that have a lot of ground clearance.


Minimum saddle height = 80mm
Maximum lift height =500mm
Chassis lenght = 730mm
Cahssis width = 380mm
Weight = 35Kg


*Full 3 Year warranty
*Rubber coated ergonomically designed handle for operator comfort
* "Lift and turn" lowering system prevents unintentional lowering
*Trouble free release system that avoids use of gear wheels or uni joints.
*Low pivot point for handle for better access and ease of use under low vehicles
*Foot pedal provides fast saddle raising to the load
*Large diameter swivel wheels for easy handling
*Safety lowering control valve for safe lowering even under maximum load
*Pressure relief valve prevents overloading
*Heavy duty fully welded chassis and lift arm in high quality steel
*Noise reducing nylon wheel (avaliable in steel upon request)
*Powder coated finish
*Full spare parts avalability.

Model Max(Kg) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) Kg
2.5T-C 2000 80 500 730 160 380 925 35