Jack and stand testing

Nationwide Jack Repairs onsite jack stands testing 

"provides you with peace of mind"

Our test procedure includes the following:

Vehicle stands, hydraulic jacks, presses, engine cranes, hydraulic pumps, air pumps and or any other hydraulic equipment you may have.

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you had your vehicle stands tested? You may ask yourself, why do I need them tested? There have been changes in the regulation of what vehicle stands you can use on a commercial work site. For instance, single post stands can no longer be used in a workshop, all stands must be of a pyramid construction with a pin ratchet type stand. The same applies for floor jacks.

All lifting equipment for floor jacks, motor lifters, bottle jacks must have a safety valve which is an overload valve that physically stops you from lifting more than the designated weight of the jack you are using.

Obviously, it is not always practical to send this type of equipment away for testing, so for these types of jacks stands Nationwide Jack Repairs can offer an onsite testing service.

Nationwide Jack Repairs is currently testing for A.P Eagers group, Energex, various automotive workshops, smash repairs industry members, Virgin Australia, Boeing defence department, Cobham Aviation, Qld Fire and Rescue and many more.

Our onsite services include:

Hydraulic Test and tagging, checking for visible wear, signs of oil leeks, structural fatigue, warn hoses and fittings.

All hydraulic equipment is tested to the manufactures load rating.

We also sell, service and repair a full range of aviation jack, floor jack, caravan jack, bottle jack, axle stands, truck stand, airbag jack, air hydraulic jack, panel beating equipment, mining jack, truck jack, trolley jack, mining jack, pallet jack, Ritch panel beating equipment, Trolley Jack, Bottle Jack, Pallet Jack , Hydraulic Cylinder, Hire Equipment, Panel Beating Equipment, Air Hydraulic Pump, Hand Pump, Rams, Earth Mining Equipment, Truck Jack,  Aviation Equipment, Floor Jack, Axle Stand, Truck Stand, Air Truck Jack, Hydraulic Pump, hand pump, ram, forklift jack, hydraulic press, Garage Jack, Jack, heavy vehicle supports stands, body repair kit, bead breaker, floor crane, workshop presses, gear box jack, air bottle jack, air truck jack, hydraulic table, toe jack, telescopic bottle jack, Masada equipment , Ritch, liftech equipment, Enerpac equipment, Karmot equipment , compac Equipment, Durapac equipment, a/c equipment, hydraulic jacking equipment.